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Drum Transporter Drum Handler Drum Handling
Provides Full 20" of lift
Easy to use foot pump operation
Optional: DC Powered Lift w/ built in charger
Optional: STEEL-IT Coating & Stainless Steel Hardware
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Finally! A simple, safe and effective method that addresses the risks in manual materials handling in moving, lifting and lowering drums without a forklift - all while the drum remains completely in the vertical position. The EasyLift Drum Transporter can safely and easily pick up steel, poly, and fibre drums, raising or lowering to a full twenty (20") inches! Eliminate strained backs, pinched fingers and the risk of serious injuries caused by manhandling drums - look into the the EasyLift Drum Transporter today! 
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of injuries associated with moving drums. 
  • Moves drums on/off wooden pallets, floor scales, and spill pallets without manhandling! 
  • Drums always stay vertical - no tipping! 
  • Easy to use for female operators! 
  • US Patent #5,618,154
  • Capacity from 400 to 1,000 lbs. (adjust) 
  • Convenient foot pedal arrangement ensures both easy lifting and lowering of drums! 
  • DARCOR™ ergonomic casters allow easy movement of all heavy loads! 
  • Steering wheels move 360 degrees (for "tight aisle" maneuvering)! 
  • Positive clamping mechanism for handling steel, plastic and fibre chimed drums! 
  • Step-down foot floor lock for added safety! 
  • Virtually maintenance - free operation! 
  • EG2 double clamping mechanism
  • "STEEL-IT™" Epoxy Coating!
  • D.C. power lift!
  • Increased lift height!
  • Non-sparking jaws with belt!
  • 8" wheels for rough surfaces! 
  • Scale with or without intrinsically safe indicators
  • SL- Straight Leg version for handling drums stacked together.
Model #
Ergonomic Drum Tranporter
400 lbs
47"h x 32"l x 33.5" w
350 lbs.
Ergonomic Drum Tranporter
600 lbs
47"h x 32"l x 36.5" w
350 lbs.
Ergonomic Drum Tranporter
800 lbs
47"h x 32"l x 39.5" w
350 lbs.
Ergonomic Drum Tranporter
1000 lbs
47"h x 32"l x 42.5" w
350 lbs.
Ergonomic Drum Tranporter
1500 lbs
47"h x 32"l x45.5" w
350 lbs.
Model #
EG2 Double Clamping Mech
"STEEL-IT™" Epoxy Coating!  
D.C. power lift!  
Non-sparking jaws with belt!  
8" wheels for rough surfaces!  
Scale without intrinsically safe indicators 
Intrinsically Safe Scale with Doran™ Model 8000IS Indicator-Class I,II,III, Div. 1,2 Group A,B,C,D,E,F,G
-ADL Increased lift height!  


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