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Drum Handling Equipment w. scalesDRUM HANDLING EQUIPMENT

SEI Equipment Corporation has been a leader in the material handling industry for more than 20 years, and our reputation for quality products is one of the main reasons for our success. While cheaper alternatives are available, we believe our made-in-America drum handling equipment pays for itself in durability, reliability, and safety. Whether it's drum handling or any other industry, quality is the first ingredient of success.

SEI offers a variety of drum handling equipment to satisfy any application!
Our manual ergonomic drum transporters are a simple solution to moving drums in smaller areas--including through standard doorways--without the use of a forklift. Plus, your drum will be vertical the entire time, keeping both your staff and supplies safe. These transporters can manage drums up to 1,500 pounds!

Our counter-balanced drum handling equipment lets you load drums into cabinets, on scales, or anywhere a manual transporter would not be effective. Always with safety in mind, this equipment can handle plastic, metal, and fiber drums quickly and easily. Likewise, our drum haulers and dumpers let you move and rotate drums for safe dispensing from containers of varying compositions and sizes--contact us to help you find the right one for your needs.

We also carry a variety of drum picker attachments to make your operation run more smoothly. Our forklift and crane attachments, for instance, let you handle four, six, or eight drums simultaneously. As your needs vary, so do our products: we have equipment to help you transport, dump, and weigh containers, and they are all quality-made here in the U.S.

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Drum Handlers :: Manual push Drum Handling equipment for moving drums on and off pallets. Counter Balanced Drum Handlers:: Powerd Counter Balanced Drum Handling for moving drums Drum Dumping & Rotating::Manual & Powered Drum Handling Equipment for Rotating and Dumping Drums

Fork Mounted Drum Handler:: Lift Truck Attachments for moving Drums Fork Mounted Drum Dumpers:: Manual & powered Lift Truck Attachments for Dumping Drums Drum Weighing Equipment:: Drum Handling Equipment with scales for weighing drums.
Featured Drum Handling Equipment
Drum Hauler DH80048CREESP-IS :: Drum Hauler with Side Clamp rotator with "EE" Rating, F.D.A. Epoxy coating and optional Scale
Eagle Grip Attachments
EG3SCM2-F:: Lift Truck Attachment for handling steel, plastic and fibre drums. Great for high volume Drum Handling Drum Handling Equipment EL600-S::Easy Lift Ergonomic Drum Transporter with Doran Scale for accurate weighing of drums. (+/- 0.10 lb)
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